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Creating Convenience for YOU

Travel Agency

(14 days prior departure)

Provide flight details

Provide traveler contact details 

SafeSinga Home
Swab Service

Confirm traveler address and personal details

Pre-call to schedule swab test
Telemedical services for swab contra-indications 

Assign swab personnel based on regions to proceed for home swab in full PPE attire

Dispatch specimen to lab

Notify traveler of results within 24 hours via email

Positive cases to be handled by SafeSinga

Perks for engaging our services


30 Days Credit

End of month billing

24 Hours

Fast turnaround time


Telemedical consultation service for health concerns and symptoms present during swab


Swab at your preferred location

Minimal Paperwork

PCR result and digital pre-departure test

Flexible Timing

Appointment anytime


We understand the importance of brand value and strive to partner with you to provide an awesome travel experience with ease, convenience and safety in mind for your clients.

Our Tests

Tour Groups


No frills, all thrills for your upcoming trip!


Business travels, schedule your swab at your esteemed guest/ customer's time

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